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Mindfulness is effective in boosting performance for sportspeople, artists and musicians by allowing their innate strength and confidence to emerge.

One area athletes tend to struggle with during competition is staying in the present moment. For one reason or other, thoughts can sometimes drift to previous actions or move ahead to what might happen in the future. These retrospective and fortune telling thoughts can lead to detrimental impacts on performance simply because the focus is not on the present moment.
Archers, golfers and runners followed a year long program of mindful sports performance enhancement (MPSE) with a view to improving athletic and psychological performance. All groups reported a significant increase in improved ability to act with awareness and overall trait mindfulness in the follow up study.

Everything individuals evaluate as negative can be seen as positive from a different perspective. The process of seeing this duality gives people a greater sense of control over their experience of the world.
How an athlete interprets feelings of anxiety in a large part determines the effect of that anxiety as helpful or harmful. In actively searching for these multiple interpretations of anxiety, athletes give themselves a choice to perceive, and to be affected by, the more beneficial interpretation in that moment.



Mindfulness can be integrated in a sports setting in many ways as a holistic technique to further the development of sport and performance related psychological skills.

Research has shown how rowers exceeded expectations when provided with training in mindfulness meditation geared to their sport.
[Source: Kabat-Zinn, J., Beall, B., & Rippe, J. (1985). A systematic mental training program based on mindfulness meditation to optimize performance in collegiate and Olympic rowers. Paper presented at the World Congress in Sport Psychology, Copenhagen, Denmark, June]


Mindfulness training can help sportspeople perform at their full potential and deal with anxiety, stress and self-doubt. The Sports Performance Coaching course is tailored for sportspeople and those looking to fulfil their full sporting potential.

Music and Art


Mindfulness gives increased ability to deal with stress, decreased anxiety, and greater focus, concentration and creativity.

Through mindfulness, artists, musicians and actors can learn to work with common obstacles such as confidence, performance anxiety and self-criticism. It can help artists and performers be more present and in the moment and access their inner creativity by flowing into a state of open mind and compassion.


The Performers Mindfulness Coaching course is especially tailored for those working in the creative or sports fields.
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