A Different Approach to Work

A True Leader

...is one who can lead themselves

That means taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and relational health. To do so is the greatest challenge we have. You may be successful at your job, you may have material wealth, but are you really leading?

Are you engaged in a meaningful interaction with your experience and with those around you? Or do you find that having got to the top of the corporate ladder you’re being held back by fears, anxieties, historical events, or difficult relationships? Perhaps by not really being in touch with who you are and what it is you really want from life and from work there is an obstacle to the next stage in life. Have you been able to look after your personal health, to foster positive and nourishing relationships, to keep your curiosity and passion alive, to grow your future?


The Mindful leader is one who is grounded in reality, with a strong sense of responsibility towards themselves and their employees.
The Mindful leader has vision, purpose, passion, to engage with their life and the world around them, to succeed.
The Mindful leader is in touch with their humanity and able to share it with others, to give strength, to lift up, to care for those who need it, and to bring out the goodness that is inherent in everyone.
A beacon in the darkness, the Mindful leader is self-assured and able to instil it in others.

We tend to think of the stress, anxiety, boredom, frustration, friction, and all the other unpleasant aspects of work as being “part of the job”. And we’re lucky if work can be the place that allows us to express our individuality and engage in meaningful and fulfilling ways. More often than not, work is what has to be done to pay the mortgage, give the children an education, and make sure there’s something for retirement. We are locked into certain notions of work because of our fears and anxieties about what we are supposed to be getting from it. Paradoxically, it might these very notions that are holding us back from achieving the success, pleasure, and sense of fulfilment that these fears and anxieties are worried about losing.


There is ANOTHER APPROACH to work.
Through developing a mindful presence in our lives and our work we can effectively cope with stress and anxiety, creating boundaries and making space between the external world and ourselves. We can then turn towards our beliefs, values, and attitudes towards work and chart a more authentic, grounded, wholesome, approach to our endeavours. And actually, we will find that in doing so, we become more focused, more efficient, more innovative and more productive, so that we will be succeeding as well as enjoying the ride a lot more!

Principles and Tips

From The Mindful Consultant

Humanity – At the end of the day, we are not job titles and we are not simply the roles that we play. We are human beings. Everything that a person does has to first have the acceptance and permission of the self, the real you. Applied in group work, this notion can be extremely powerful in shifting dynamics and creating cohesive, dedicated, and caring people working together and succeeding immeasurably.

Studies reveal that employees tend to mention three reasons for dissatisfaction in the workplace, all of which are related to the quality of experience available to them. It is typical to understand that the first and possibly most important problem is that of lack of challenge and variety. The second is that of conflict with others; whilst the third has to do with burnout – i.e. too much pressure or stress.
In most cases it all depends on our APPROACH to it rather than the actual working conditions… Getting along with colleagues, bosses or staff can generally be managed in some way. Stresses and pressures are clearly subjective to each individual, therefore the most amenable to come under the control of consciousness of effort to improve and resolve.
There are hundreds of ways to relieve stress; be it through organisational developments, delegation of responsibilities; or other factors including those external to the job itself. However the main take-away is that these are piecemeal solutions. Though they may help, however the only long term answer to coping with stress and pressures is to consider it as part of a whole – a general strategy to improve the overall quality of experience. This is where the Mindful Consultant can be of major benefit to you!

Our Offer

Everyone wants to be their best – I can show you how...

What I will facilitate first of all is an honest discussion with you about the health of your business, its sustainability, productivity, and your wishes for growth and improvement.


Following that, we create a mutually-agreed partnership contract that is uniquely tailored to your business and its employees to create the culture and success that you envision.


Possible formats for delivery may include introductory mindfulness sessions, workshops and courses, but ultimately the final format is mutually decided through jointly identifying what is needed and what will fit into your business structure.


Mindfulness isn’t about doing your best, it’s about being your best.