The Mindfulness Program

From taster sessions to Full-Day workshops


Take a new look at what’s around you, see resources and possibilities that have been here all along but were missed through mindless thinking

As a mindful consultant my purpose is to bring a light of awareness into your workplace. Together we can then start to see what’s really happening and what needs to be addressed.

Taster Session

A one – one and a half hour hour-long session, this workshop explores the importance of developing a mindfulness based approach to experience/events, the neuroscience underpinning the success of mindfulness interventions, and the research supporting the establishment of mindfulness practices.
In addition, there is the opportunity to begin to experience mindful practice and to glimpse the possibility of a new relationship with the various different aspects of one’s life.

M.A.P.P. (Mindful Awareness Purpose with Passion)

Eight week coaching programme, with possibility to extend, meeting once a week with support provided throughout the process.

The ultimate executive leadership coaching package, this pathway allows executives – individually or through group work – to reconnect with themselves, synchronise their outer and inner worlds, and discover their personal greatness and the values that surround it with a new awareness.

Bespoke Courses

Complete flexibility to compile a course tailored to your needs. Together we choose a duration (four, six, or eight weeks), the topics, and the size of the group, and a course will be tailored specifically for you!

Half-day Workshop

Interactive educational and experiential sessions:
– Introduction to the field of mindfulness based interventions
– Developing a personal practice
– Choose between

“A different approach to” session. Select from: Stress, Anxiety, Communication, Leadership, Eating, Anger
And “Be Who You Are” session. Select from: Creativity, Resilience, Choice, Engagement, Connection, Purpose, Flexibility

Full-day Retreat

An offsite experience to connect with your self and your team, ideal for the conclusion of a bespoke course or as a refresher event.
Option 1 – Reconnect and Recharge
Silent retreat day incorporating a range of mindfulness practices.
Option 2 – Values and Vision
Using mindfulness practice to discover and access inner wisdom and insight to give you a new dimension to your work, your team, and your life.

8 Week Course – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Weekly 2 hour sessions + full day silent retreat. The flagship evidence-based mindfulness programme.
Finding a different relationship to the stress, anxiety, or chronic pain through intensive mindfulness practice and reflection on one’s personal life circumstances.
Pathway 1 – Book a private course and we’ll come to you, minimum six people.
Pathway 2 – Arrange for an MBSR course in your workplace. Min. 8 people.
Pathway 3 – Check in to see when and where the next public MBSR is starting!

Principles and Tips

From The Mindful Consultant

Flow – The state of Flow, made popular through the research of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, can be accessed by anyone and utilised in any activity. Through mindful awareness, a person can gain access to this state in relation to their entire life experience, dancing with and responding with equanimity to events that previously would have been perceived as threatening and something to avoid. Engaging with life in this way allows for an effortless, enjoyable and invigorating journey!