Bring your life into your business


Mindfulness isn’t about doing your best, it’s about being your best

Work and Life are not two separate things. When you are more in touch with your self, you will discover resources of power, resilience, focus and drive that will transform your role in the workplace. Mindfulness is a values orientated approach that looks at the broader whole.

The Challenge

Points to note

Mental health and wellbeing issues present significant challenges to organisations around the world. In the UK alone 11.7 million days were lost to stress, depression or anxiety in 2015/16 and stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases.
[Source: Health and Safety Executive, Work related Stress, Anxiety and Depression statistics in Great Britain (2016)]

The Responsibility

Not just for high-level employees

Many of the issues of poor work performance that plague businesses, corporations and individuals can be alleviated through Mindfulness coaching.
It is a moral and business imperative for business owners and management to ensure a healthy and productive workforce. When employees have higher wellbeing levels, they are happier, are more committed to the organisation’s goals and perform better in the workplace. Mindfulness coaching can help improve employee wellbeing and job satisfaction.


Free yourself from the pain of stress

Absenteeism and Presenteeism (working while sick) might seem like opposites but they are symptoms of the same malaise – stress. When stress levels are high, employees come to work tired, disengaged and unmotivated.


This results in lost productivity due to poor focus, difficulty in decision-making, lack of creativity and direction, and ultimately low sense of fulfilment and job satisfaction.


Stress also impacts employees’ personal lives. My mission is to help you reduce stress and anxiety, and to enhance creativity, resilience and performance so that you will achieve your objectives.”.


With 15 years of experience in mind / body wisdom, my mission is to help you or your organisation enhance creativity, resilience and performance and achieve your objectives.


Every individual and every business is different. We can create a tailor-made programme to meet your particular set of objectives. Please get in touch to find out more.
Here are just a few of the areas that we can help you with:


more unified and effective team dynamic and increased ability to deal with conflict.


Improved judgement and decision making. Balanced yet innovative progress.


Increased ability to adapt effectively to changing circumstances and flow with conditions rather than being upset by change.


Increased personal resilience, better handling of stressful situations and working more effectively under pressure.

Decreased Anxiety

Increased ability to deal with stress. A fresh control of your emotions.


Greater focus and concentration - get more work done, more efficiently.

Principles and Tips

From The Mindful Consultant

Borders – Bombarded with a constant flow of sensory information and rarely left to be alone, the boundaries between an individual’s personal life and others’, as well as between various facets of their own life, are being increasingly blurred or forgotten. Awareness needs to be cultivated to notice where these boundaries are, and a strength cultivated to prevent these boundaries being breached by the external world or by destructive desires and habits that attempt to take control of areas and people that are beyond the control of the individual.


Our Offer to You

We would like to believe that businesses are made up of job titles, skill sets and qualifications, and of intellectual capabilities. But they’re not.

Businesses are made up of people; people who work under a certain title, who acquire expertise through their skills and qualifications, and people who – under the right conditions – are able to utilise the mental faculties they possess in their work.

But if those people aren’t looked after (including the boss!), their positive attributes will not be fully utilised, and everyone loses out.


Looking after people means taking a holistic approach at executive and employee wellbeing, checking in with physical, emotional and relationship wellbeing, and really giving the space and acceptance within the business for people to fully express themselves in their roles.


It means giving people the tools to deal with tension and stress. It means ensuring an environment that fosters creativity, engagement, focus, cohesion, compassion and authenticity that will then deliver performance and excellence with humanity.


When this takes place, your business will thrive, because the people that are carrying it want it to succeed and will work together to achieve that goal.

Companies Already Embracing Mindfulness