For the Community

Personal, Family and Community Outreach


One Focus That Has Diverse Affects

A mindfulness based approach to living can work wonders for your personal life, but it is also hugely effective in nurturing family and community wellbeing too, and can help to resolve many areas of stress and tension with calmness and compassion.

Personal Life


Mindfulness promotes a process of authentic personal transformative change, where you can actively engage non-judgementally with your experience, accept it with humanity and discover your wellsprings of inner strength and calm. Through this process of self-acceptance, you have the opportunity to see the world in a new light that will open new vistas for personal growth.




By exploring mindful communication and interaction with others, we become more aware and more accepting, and this can help bring compassion into our relationships and a deeper sense of connection with those who are already close to us and with those we would like to become closer to.


Through the process of self-acceptance and self-awareness, we become cognisant in the deepest sense to who we are and to be the best person we can be, which will then translate into being the best partner, parent, child or sibling possible.




Although they are built around a common identity or set of values, communities are by nature comprised of many different people and points of view. Mindfulness can provide a holistic, integrated approach at community wellbeing and function, provide space and acceptance for difference, and benefit the physical, emotional and relationship wellbeing of the individual members of the community and the community as a whole.


Associations, clubs, youth groups, schools, and the like will gain from the cohesion, compassion and authenticity that a mindfulness based approach to life will bring.

Principles and Tips

From The Mindful Consultant

Control – True control cannot come from external authority but is the product of awareness and inner strength. With a strong awareness of self, it is possible to withstand external pressures that seek to drive behaviours, thoughts and emotions, and to effect desired changes from a place of stability and security. There is a deep sense of responsibility to oneself and to others, and the ability to relate with dignity to situations of stress, anxiety, or pain, and also to be sensitive and compassionate to inner experience.