“Learn who you are, know who you are, be who you are”

Mission Statement



Each and every one of us possesses a deep wellspring of inner strength and calm. We believe that mindfulness can help us draw fresh water from this deep wellspring, and give us the space and freedom for our inner strength to emerge.


Through being who you are, you will create the future that is waiting for you.



We all have the potential to make positive changes. Our vision is to promote well-being and reduce the human suffering caused by stress and anxiety by giving people the opportunity to learn skills in mindfulness.


We envision a future where we are all in touch with our bodies and minds and know what they need in order to flourish. Be who you are to sense your future from what is inside you already. Find the seed and grow it.



With 15 years of rigorous immersion in mind/body wisdom, I create personal, tailored mindfulness programmes that are relevant to your unique needs and circumstances.


I offer coaching to individuals, organisations and communities.


Through a combination of high quality professional experience and empathetic heartful listening we will together come to an understanding of your unique requirements – what you need, when you need it – to be who you really are.

The key to getting more out of life is through a deep acceptance of who you are. This understanding is nurtured through a mindful process of personal awareness, growth and acceptance.
By working with you in your life and through your daily schedule, we can focus together on the small moments day to day that will bring out the essence of your uniqueness and inner strength and calm.


  • Each session was at the right pace. Joel created a safe atmosphere where I felt comfortable to ask questions. He was sensitive to the group and individual needs and adapted the course accordingly. I have nothing but praise for him!
    C. Hardy
  • Out of 100, 100! Very happy indeed. The Retreat Day was one of the best days I’ve ever experienced

    N. Cowan
  • Joel was fantastic! His ability to facilitate, reflect, engage and encourage us to explore mindfulness was incredible. He helped me to reframe some of my negative thought patterns and behaviour patterns, as he presented new ways of interpreting, reacting to and dealing with a wide range of situations.
    M. Anthony
  • I feel I have a deeper understanding of mindfulness and knowledge of how to apply it. Deeper reflection of myself.

    L. Bagins

About Me

A Little History...

First and foremost, I am an educator, passionate about enabling people to be who they really are. My purpose is to facilitate authentic personal transformative change through Mindfulness.


I have seen remarkable results in helping people manage stress, anxiety and physical pain, and also in accessing sources of clarity, meaning, fulfilment, calm and inner wisdom (to name but a few) through establishing mindfulness practice.

Together with coaching, this work enables people to authentically engage with and connect with their experiences and their opportunities for self-actualisation.


My work is manifested through the following means:


My experience and track record working with clients to clearly identify areas for intervention, growth and/or change, and to create and employ strategies tailor-made for the intended group or individual.


Looking to give clients a holding space through which they can discover their own abilities and strengths, develop their inner resources of calm and resilience, and be the arbiter and engineer of their own freedom and success.

Heartful listening

A sensitive and compassionate ear able to notice, reflect, and give space for clients to discover their real wishes and the issues that concern them.

Thirteen years of intense study

in classical literature relating to the wisdom of the mind-heart-body process, synthesising East and West practice and thought, that gives the opportunity to establish authentic and lasting change.


Skills honed through didactic study and teaching that enables quick and accurate identification of issues for examination and development, seeing significance in factors that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.


A contemplative practice, enabling broader awareness that takes in the context and perspective of surrounding issues and allowing effective, holistic solutions that are compatible with the multi-layered complexity of situations.

Passion and Positivity

Each person, both individually and as part of a team, has tremendous capacities for greatness and happiness, something that requires respect, honour, and nurturing. Through a positive and passionate approach, clients are empowered to discover these attributes and establish values through which they can live fulfilled, enriching lives.


Everything that is taught is embodied by the facilitator, be it in wellbeing, in relationships, or in performance. This process is not about a teacher imparting information, but more akin to a partnership, a friend, growing with the participants and taking active and dedicated involvement in their success. This manifests itself in the ongoing support given to clients to ensure that they can reach the goals they set for themselves.


Focused on the specific details of clients’ lives, the moments that are often missed and yet often prove decisive in successful growth and wholesome living.