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The best you is already within you. Mindfulness is an integrative, mind and body approach to being that helps us get more out of our lives. It works by paying attention to our bodies and breathing and, in so doing, enabling access to a powerful awareness of self that brings out our innate inner calm and wisdom.
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I will enable you to gently turn towards yourself, and strengthen your internal felt sense of being present, here, in this moment. The result is increased focus and effectiveness combined with greater calm, resilience, and responsibility.

Meet: The Mindful Consultant

The benefits

As a mindfulness professional, certified coach, and with fourteen years of intensive study in ancient mind/body wisdom, I will help you to access your inner sense of wellbeing. The raw materials are already within you.
Allow me to Re:ignite your inner world and start living with purpose, focus, and the calm, wholesome feeing that accompanies authentic living.
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Whether you are looking for ways to manage stress, anxiety or unhealthy behaviours, or to determine and actualise goals such as your creative or competitive edge in sports, the arts or in the workplace, I use scientifically proven methods to enable you to realise your vision.


Each session was at the right pace. Joel created a safe atmosphere where I felt comfortable to ask questions. He was sensitive to the group and individual needs and adapted the course accordingly. I have nothing but praise for him!
C. Hardy

Out of 100, 100! Very happy indeed. The Retreat Day was one of the best days I’ve ever experienced

N. Cowan
Joel was fantastic! His ability to facilitate, reflect, engage and encourage us to explore mindfulness was incredible. He helped me to reframe some of my negative thought patterns and behaviour patterns, as he presented new ways of interpreting, reacting to and dealing with a wide range of situations.
M. Anthony

I feel I have a deeper understanding of mindfulness and knowledge of how to apply it. Deeper reflection of myself.

L. Bagins

Genuinely life-changing. Created space in a busy world.

J. Hosseiny

I enjoyed how chilled but intense it was. Tailored for individual needs – dynamics were great.


Open your mind to new ideas

Summon up the courage to follow them, and identify the habits and mindsets that have been holding you back from success.
An effortless discipline, mindfulness breathes fresh life into body and mind through a curious and playful attitude – the ultimate recreational activity!

Increased Performance

We are dedicated to offer the best experience possible

Our professional services and programs are designed to develop, monitor and enhance all-round aspects of your well-being.
Increased productivity statistics include: